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  • When looking for an expert service provider for translations, when there are time restrictions, and quality is crucial for success—we are your solution.
  • When you have a specialised text and suitable terminology is particularly importantput your trust in us.
  • When your documentation is huge and deadlines tight, we will not desert you. With a joint effort, flexibility, and resourcefulness—we find a solution to the challenge.
  • When you have an inviting website but only in one language—matching your original content, we deliver tailor-made web content in any language.
  • When you have written a research paper or presentation in Bulgarian or any language but are unsure about style or grammar— we free you of this trouble.  Our experts edit your text according to publication requirements. 
  • When you create a unique and expressive motto—we perfectly translate your creativity. Challenge our inventiveness.  Our team brainpower delivers incredible results.  We select not simply the best but what is best synchronised with your concept.

We offer translations from all living languages into Bulgarian and vice versa for the majority of them, as well as a range of language combinations from one foreign language into another.  Each year, our agency translates over 10,000 pages in various areas of expertise.

Our database includes more than 1,000 registered and approved experts (translators, editors, consultants), which provides us with an exceptionally broad range of professionals who specialise in various fields.  The use of all almost types of translation software enables us to deliver in short timelines and to ensure maximum terminology appropriateness and consistency.  If we are not familiar with your software or platform, we will find a quick solution to familiarise ourselves with it.

The unit price for translation is typically determined per standard page of the source text (1500 characters, without spaces) rounded to the nearest decimal point.  Yet, if you prefer otherwise, no worrieswe will reach an agreement with you.  When the source text is in a count infeasible format (including hieroglyphic languages), the character count in the target language is used as the calculation basis.

The price is negotiated upon the volume, deadline, terminology, and intended use of the translation.  It includes editing and proofreading according to the requirements set out in the international standard for translation services, ISO 17100, which guarantees the quality of translation services.

SOFITA Translation Agency maintains a policy of high professional standards and ethics.  Our agency is a registered controller of personal data and has entered into confidentiality agreements with all of our employees, translators, and partners. This ensures the security of the entire information which comes to our knowledge when working with and for you.