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Other services

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Редакция, коректура, адаптация, актуализация, набор и текстообработка


You can contact SOFITA for the following other accompanying services:

  • Editing – for terminology, style, advertising, artistic, linguistic, control/technical;
  • Proof-reading;
  • Adapting;
  • Updates of translations;
  • Setting and word processing;
  • Layout, prepress preparation and printing, dissemination;
  • Creating memories;
  • Bookbinding and other printing services accompanying the translation services;
  • Preparing transcripts;
  • Sound recording/dubbing;
  • Subtitling;
  • Downloading and recording phonograms;
  • Verifying the adequacy of a trade name;
  • Organisational services;
  • Calligraphy and stenography services.

Please, contact us for complete information.