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Whenever you try to win new markets, aiming for the best positioning of your product or service with its intended target, you need localisation—a process, where the text is not only translated, but also brought in line with the specifics of the user locale:

  • region, date and time formats, measurement units, time zone, etc.
  • local culture, customs, traditions, language specifics—common expressions, names, social and emotional references, etc.
  • local and international market specifics
  • legal regulations and requirements in the respective country

These special translation cases focus not only on the words but on the pictures as well: the videos, images, symbols, all the visual aids we need to bring in line with those local market specifics.

Most often, localisation involves translations of software applications, websites and products with short “shelf life” and, thus, critical time-to-market (TTM) requirements. To win over your user audience, it is essential for you to speak their language, especially when translating keywords for search-engine optimisation (SEO).

Software localisation can be very challenging—specific terminology, character limitations, interrelationships, consistency, unambiguity—and the linguists there really need to know what they are doing. With our long history of successes on this market, we’ll be happy to help you overcome all these challenges and get an end product completely in line with your own standards and your users’ expectations in terms of its friendliness.

Computer games and mobile apps also need localisation. Experts in this industry have shown that good localisation may directly contribute to more than 50% of the overall return on investment.

Now, in the 21st century, website localisation is essential! It opens new markets and opportunities for any business. The web and mobile access irreversibly change the way customers are searching for information and shopping. The user is the key to success for any business and that key will only turn if we speak its language. Online shopping is no longer a quirk, but part of the everyday life. Online commerce has an ever increasing share of the total sales.



Don’t miss on this—it’s time to localise that website!


We, in SOFITA, can help you do it, with care and attention, to your and your customers’ liking.

You will enjoy not only our expertise and experience, but, more importantly, our end-to-end commitment and control to ensure both the quality and your peace of mind and confidence of your success.