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SOFITA reaffirmed its organisational excellence and uncompromising quality control by implementing ISO 9001: 2000, and, later, in 2008, proved its compliance with European Translation Service standard EN 15038, now International standard ISO 17100, under which the agency is certified. This is how we meet our clients’ expectations for highest service level.

The work process goes through several mandatory stages. The initial analysis of the order is the first and very important stage, because it is essential for the good result. It is important to pay attention to the specifics, deadlines and types of the source material. Our clients’ satisfaction is a result of the joint effort of our project managers, technical teams and our good communication with the client—the specific requirements are discussed in detail, the intended use of the translation is identified, the reference materials, if any, are obtained. Our selection of the right linguistic team of translators is consistent with the specifics of the translation material and their proven fields of expertise—consultants provide support to achieve the best technical translation. The next step required to achieve an uncompromising result is the mandatory editing—terminology, style, language—depending on the requirements of the text. In some very specific cases, the client signs off on a final version before the actual publication, printing, etc. The process by no means ends with the delivery—we ask for client feedback, something so valuable for our improvement efforts and long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. For any new partnership, translation memory databases for specific projects are created to ensure translation consistency, teams are assigned to specific projects—this further improves our clients’ satisfaction. 

Our team of translators and editors is another decisive quality factor. We are constantly recruiting, testing and training translators and editors, sparing no effort in these important activities. We firmly believe and invest in the human factor. Our linguist selection criteria are extremely strong—both professional, and technical. As a result of this process, now we have an extremely wide resource base of experienced professionals, experts in their relative fields, working with specialised translation software.

Our project managers—a highly qualified team, trained to use all our process tools. They are experts, capable of working under stress, making fast and accurate decisions, should unexpected circumstances arise, with a flexible approach—always ready and willing to help the client, a proactive, responsible and tightly knit team. They analyse, organise, assign and closely monitor to ensure the best performance of each process step and full satisfaction of the client with our service quality and timeliness.