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Other services

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Manufacturing, transportation, energy, etc.

In addition to the above industries, we have both the experts and the experience in many other areas, including:

  • Aviation
    Our clients are: Local carriers, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa
  • Construction industry
    Our clients are: Knauf, Hochtief, Strabag
  • Beverage production lines
    Our clients are: Dexma GmbH, Zagorka AD, Coca-Cola
  • Mining
    Our clients are: Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology, Maritsa Iztok Power Plant documentation, Bobov Dol Power Plant documentation
  • Nuclear Power
    Our clients are: Kozloduy NPP tender documents
  • Railroad transportation
    Our clients are: Bombardier
  • Power plants/Energy
    Our clients are: AES, E.ON, E.ON ENERGY TRADING, E.ON Sales and Trading, E.ON Bulgaria, National Electric Company EAD
  • Cosmetics
    Our clients are: L’Oreal, Naturprodukt, STS Cosmetics, Givenchy