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SOFITA Experience Evaluation:

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Type of work you did for SOFITA:

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  • Interpreting
  • Editing
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How often do we use your services?

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Are we using your services as often, as you would expect/wish?

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  • No
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Would you say that the jobs you receive are consistent with your qualifications?

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  • Mostly, yes
  • Rarely
  • No
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How would you rate your experience with our team?







   Clear requirements and instructions:

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   Other comment:

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How would you rate the payment for the services you provide?

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  • Satisfied
  • Completely satisfied
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Do you have a preferred employee in our company, with whom you would rather communicate?

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  • No
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Would you say that the people at Sofita, with whom you are working, are sufficiently qualified?

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  • No
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  • If the answer to the previous question was other than yes, please, tell us why:   

Would you work for us, again?

  • Absolutely, yes
  • Probably, yes
  • Not sure
  • Absolutely, no
  • Probably, no
  • If the answer to the previous question was other than absolutely, yes, please, tell us why:   

Do you experience any difficulties working with us?

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  • Sometimes
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